FAAR-Aegis.org is a searchable web-based html document server  set up to offer organizers, researchers and students exposure to articles written by feminist anti-violence activists from the 1970's and 80's. Although a number of feminist archives and collections contain complete sets of the Feminist Alliance Against Rape Newsletter and Aegis: Magazine on Ending Violence Against Women, only a limited number of people will ever be able to access the work housed in these collections. An excellent set of scanned issues in pdf format exists on the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence website.

The site was designed by Sue Lenaerts and is maintained by Sue Lenaerts and Deb Friedman, both original members of the Feminist Alliance Against Rape (FAAR). Sue and Deb have started OCR scanning and displaying on the site the major articles from 13 years of publication. The site is in process; the articles are chosen and scanned from each issue by the chronological publication date. Currently, articles are displayed from July/August 1974 through April/May 1975.

How to Use the Site 

The available articles are listed in three ways for convenience and ease of the site user.
  • The History tab gives an overview of what happened organizationally in production of the publication.
  • The List by Issue tabbed page contains a chronological list of the issues from FAAR-Aegis.org. The name of each article with any given issue is a link to that article.
  • The List by Topic tab displays a page where the article links are clustered by main topic. The same article may be listed more than once under appropriate topics.
  • The List by Author tab lists the article links by the authors alphabetically. Many FAAR articles were unsigned as the concepts were developed and occasionally penned by collective effort. Individuals from the FAAR staff responsible for any unsigned article can be found on the List by Issue tab with the issue in which the article appeared.
  • The Search tab allows the user to find posted articles by keywords with a google powered search engine.
How to Help 

would love help from others in several ways:

  • Scanning
  • Financial – helping pay for the domain and web hosting.
  • Accuracy – OCR scanning isn’t perfect. Let the web editor know when you find errors.
    Comments and corrections on the history section from former FAAR and Aegis staffers will be more than welcome!!
  • Publicity – let folks who may be interested know about the site.
Reprint Information 

Reprinting of material from this site by anti-violence organizers, feminist publications and women's studies (academic) researchers and programs is allowed with credit given to FAAR-Aegis.org, the article name, the author name, the complete publication name and date.

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