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How To Say NO To Storaska
by Jan BenDor, Michigan Women's Task Force on Rape
Feminist Alliance Against Rape Newsletter Jan/Feb/Mar 1975

Editors' Note: The following letter was addressed to university women in Michigan. We have altered the letter, written by Jan BenDor, so that it could be adapted for any state. We encourage you to send out mailings to university women's groups in your area, and to expose this situation wherever possible. Storaska has also recently published a book, How to Say NO to a Rapist and Survive, and a film may be forthcoming.

Dear Colleague (Chairwoman, Coordinator, etc.),

We need your help to stop a fraud.

It is a dangerous fraud perpetrated upon women students around the nation, unwittingly abetted by the speakers' programs of colleges and universities.

Colleges and universities are spending $800 to $2,000 for a two-hour "lecture-entertainment" by Frederick Storaska, who styles himself as "the nation's authority on rape."

Based in New York, Mr. Storaska travels the campus circuit, claiming to have unique advice which will prevent rape. He asserts that his advice has prevented the rape of some 300 college women. He claims that his advice has the blessing of the New York Police Department. Lastly, he claims that his huge speaker fees go not into his own pockets but into his personal organization called the "National Organization for the Prevention of Rape."

If you have attended one of Mr. Storaska's lectures, such as at his recent appearance at Oakland University, you may have discovered:

That his performances seek to make a joke out of what is the nation's most rapidly increasing crime of violence. A crime which so damages and shames its victims that the FBI fears that only one of ten women report to police. Every minute in the United States, another woman becomes the victim of a sexual assault.

That he advises women not to scream or resist, but to "be humble to the rapist." This insulting and dangerous advice is in complete ignorance of the finding by a majority of police and psychological researchers that immediate resistance and loud noise are the best way to foil an attack. Unfortunately, since you may not be an expert on self-defense, you might have found yourself fooled by Mr. Storaska's advice.

Storaska's organization is suspected to be nothing more than his booking agency, with an address in the United Nations Plaza. No feminists belong to or support Storaska's "National Organization for the Prevention of Rape." The November, 1974 newsletter of the National Organization for Women condemns Storaska, and describes protests organized by women attending his performance at a Gainesville, Florida campus.

Help us prevent this man from endangering the lives, and deceiving the minds, of women on your campus. Instead of supporting Storaska, seek out a local women's anti-rape group. For a nominal fee, they can help you organize a program about rape and self-defense tailored to the problems of your area, and you will be supporting local feminists working to end rape.

Your local chapter of the National Organization for Women may have a special task force on rape. Or, you can form your own campus organization, drawing from the publications and experience of other anti-rape groups.*

Thank you so very much for your cooperation.