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Introductory Article  (untitled)
by FAAR Staff
Feminist Alliance Against Rape Newsletter Jul/Aug 1974

We are happy to announce the establishment of Feminist Alliance Against Rape, an autonomous organization of community-based and feminist-controlled anti-rape projects. As of this mailing, F.A.A.R. is now publishing the newsletter that was formerly published by the Washington, D.C. Rape Crisis Center. (The establishment of F.A.A.R. was initiated by women working or affiliated with the D.C. Center, and the same individuals who formerly worked to put out the D.C. Center's newsletter are now publishing the F.A.A.R. newsletter.)

Ideally, we would have preferred to postpone the establishment of F.A.A.R. until a true grass-roots alliance had developed. Obviously, this could never really happen until women involved in anti-rape projects across the nation came together to establish such an alliance. For this, a national conference would be necessary - and still is.

We realized that the possibility of anyone organizing a national conference in the near future was small, considering the hand-to-mouth basis by which most centers operate. However, because of the increased involvement of government agencies, politicians, etc., in the issue of rape, creating an organization which would represent the interests of feminists was seen as an immediate need.

By establishing F.A.A.R. we are providing a structure which can be used to strengthen the channels of communication and mutual support among community-based feminist anti-rape projects. Financially, F.A.A.R. is being supported by the individuals who organized it, and we hope that other groups and individuals will join with us in this effort. Income will be derived from membership dues and the sale of organizing materials. We also plan to fundraise for a national conference. We hope to expand the newsletter to become a forum for the exchange of ideas, as well as to increase our National News Notes coverage. The next newsletter will focus on issues related to incarceration and the penal system. (We ask that articles be submitted before October 10th.)

In Sisterhood,
F.A.A.R. Staff