In 1974 a group of activists from the DC Rape Crisis Center saw the need for national networking among feminists in the anti-rape movement. The women were concerned by the developing trend of cooptation of feminist principles away from the grassroots base by "law and order" proponents.

The group formed the membership organization Feminist Alliance Against Rape (FAAR). Through a monthly newsletter, FAAR invited feminist anti-rape organizers (1974 FAAR Introductory Letter to Grassroots Activists) to join in an ongoing discussion of issues and analysis of the root causes of rape, battering, sexual harassment and other forms of violence against women. The newsletter also provided practical information and resources for grassroots organizers.

Meanwhile, grassroots organizers at the Wisconsin Conference on Battered Women formed the National Coalition Network for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (NCN). NCN also published a newsletter for their constituency.

In Boston, the Alliance Against Sexual Coercion (AASC) developed to provide the first group in the United States to provide services to women who were sexually harassed at the workplace.

In 1978, the three groups combined energies to publish Aegis: Magazine on Ending Violence Against Women. Aegis continued publishing until 1977.

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