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Book Review: Fight Back (Short, Short)
Reviewed by Sue Lenaerts
Feminist Alliance Against Rape Newsletter Sep/Oct 1974

Fight Back: self defense training program for women by Pauline M. Short and Paula Short

Two Oregon women have put together a new how-to self-defense manual. The authors, both Black Belt karate instructors, have done a fine job explaining and visually presenting karate-oriented self-defense techniques. Although the actual fighting skills are well outlined, there is a lack of basic rape prevention tactics. A complete self-defense program should give attention to tactics that help a woman to avoid situations where she has to fight.

Fight Back, supplemented by rape prevention material, can be used as a guideline for self-defense instructors or for women with basic karate skills who wish to set up a self-defense course. It is also an excellent manual for women who feel that their martial arts training has not prepared them sufficiently for street confrontations. However, without the personal aid of an instructor, a woman who has never been exposed to self-defense or martial arts will probably have trouble mastering many of the techniques.

Fight Back can be obtained through: Anderson's PMS, Inc., <address>, Portland, Oregon 97214